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  • in reply to: Hi mamas #1375

    Hi AB, i really appreciate you.

    Since i’m a gemini too, i can relate to you so much. Lots of people get offended by your sense of humor but i get it.

    Anyways keep being awesome & stay positive!

    in reply to: Chi Chi #1365

    I think the snippet is the first verse/the beginning of the song tbh

    in reply to: Business & Pleasure #1361

    B&P should consist of newer and maturer songs. Playhouse is kinda the same AB we’ve seen. It’s perfect for Slay-Z, but not enough for B&P’s lead.

    Plus it’s floating since last year lol.

    in reply to: Business & Pleasure #1346

    I hope B&P will be mature.

    I don’t want it to be full of house bops. It needs to be diverse.

    Songs like Playhouse will fit Slay-Z better than B&P, since it’s really the chapter 2!

    in reply to: CHEAPYXO Twitter Suspsended #1335

    It doesn’t make sense that they suspended her and some fan accounts after they re-activated her original account.

    But let’s keep it positive. This forum is a great idea, i’m getting strong KanyeToThe teas from this. Hopefully this’ll be a success.

    All positive vibes!

    in reply to: Nicki calls herself "Rapunzel" #1332

    Rapunzel’s hair is long,

    Nicki’s weave is long,

    That’s why she called herself Rapunzel.

    I know y’all living for this but we should celebrate AB instead of focusing on petty s***!

    in reply to: Nicki calls herself "Rapunzel" #1313

    Hey guys, can we stop being petty? I know now we have our platform but there’s no need to waste our energy. Let’s celebrate instead of tearing down!

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