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    Norah Martinez

    So, I’m really curious abou how this project is gonna turn out….since AB said she’s dropping the songs she made for it (Playhouse – Slay Z, In Excelsis – probaby F2) and she’s changing the album’s theme.

    I’m hyped up for B&P as much as for F2



    I thought it was gonna be more 90s Hip House vibes, i hope so Because i cant stop listening to the Movin’ On up Instrumental and can only imagine how shes gonna make that my favoritee songg


    I kinda hope that Playhouse is gonna be On B&P -_-


    I hope B&P will be mature.

    I don’t want it to be full of house bops. It needs to be diverse.

    Songs like Playhouse will fit Slay-Z better than B&P, since it’s really the chapter 2!


    Will Playhouse fit the vibe tho? We don’t know…


    I always thought ‘Playhouse’ was suited for B&P, but it could fit ‘Slay-Z’ even better just by its cover? its very house and vogue-like. I sound insane probably but for a Vol. 1, it could make this mixtape be taken more seriously as it should have been.


    B&P should consist of newer and maturer songs. Playhouse is kinda the same AB we’ve seen. It’s perfect for Slay-Z, but not enough for B&P’s lead.

    Plus it’s floating since last year lol.

    Norah Martinez

    I agree, Playhouse will make Slay Z a lot more serious.
    And we’re always ready for a new AB vibe c:

    Bryan Sanders

    I LOVE Playhouse, I hate that it’s still not released! UGH!
    I really don’t think B&P is coming this year, especially with her changing the vibe… she kinda wanted to do that with Fantasea 2 last year & it ended up getting postponed. If I get Slay-Z: Vol. 2 & Fantasea 2 (that’ll be 36 songs!) I would be pretty set and I would pound her so much for B&P! I feel like B&P will make her ALOT of money though, like BWET! I think B&P will bring back those 2014 vibes, where she ALWAYS looked happy & life seemed 100% perfect!


    cheapy’s acc got shut down, anyone have the announcement of B&P?


    Is Business & Pleasure meant to be like a sequel to Broke With Expensive Taste? Because that’s how I imagine it in my head. BWET is my favorite Azealia album, so I’m looking forward to B&P SOOOO MUCH. I hope we hear more about Wallace, Diver D, and all of the other characters from BWET, and any new characters Azealia plans to surprise us with!


    B&P I feel is super housey or was since she said the direction was changing. But I think this album will be if not as solid as bwet than better


    I hope she turns all the negative energy she has received during this last year into something beautiful.
    I feel that songs with similar energy to Yung Rapunxel’s would be easy for her to create at this moment for example.


    Guys playhouse needs to be on out asap! I’m scared the mainstream are YouTube’n that periscope where Z teases us!!

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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