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    Bryan Sanders

    For me it’s between 1991 & Liquorice..
    1991 was sooo hot & nobody from this time period has ever NAILED another time era like that! My personal favorite part of that video was when she started singing “NY rose me, most high chose me!” and her, Matt & E were winding their hips! OH YES!

    Liquorice was just soooo professional! The looks were everything and the overall concept was excellent! THAT WEAVE! Everytime I imagine weave in my head, it’s always that weave & length, but in all jet black! She looked like she had so much fun in that video too. My favorite look in the video was the look with the horns on her head! I wish we would’ve got alot more clips with that LEWK!

    No Problems 666

    I love the heavy metal and reflective video. Full of references and so strong!!! That part of the police riot is the shit! For me it’s like I always see something new in that video, cause it’s full of details. I know you didn’t ask but my least favorite was Ice Princess. I had imagined something totally different in my had for that videoclip :/


    1991 is a classic

    I’d have to say Wallace

    Interactive, iconic & Innovative

    What other artist has included the

    viewer in their video? It was so

    ahead, I think it went over a lot of

    ppl’s heads but launching on the

    Google Cloud platform was so

    forward & speaking of which

    Chasing Time, the choreography

    & effects. Next next


    It’s tough to choose between 1991, Liquorice and Yung Rapunxel but I have to give it to 1991. That video is immaculate from the choreography to the set designs to the special effects and the COLORS… Everything was so slick.


    hands down liquorice, especially the part where she wears that icoooonic blue fur, but i think L8R also deserves a shoutout because it’s such chill vibes lol


    Liquorice. Love the Western vibe.


    Tbh Count Contessa because she looks so beautiful in the MV. It’s a simple MV but its truly mesmerizing

    Alejandro Fajardo

    YUNG RAPUNXEL & The Asos “Fierce” short .. & WALLACE! SO INNOVATIVE!!!




    Count Contessa,
    she looks so good! & it’s honestly a vibe.


    chasing time, visually stunning


    Count Contessa! She looked godly.

    Big Big Beat! idk but the aesthetic really hits home and gives me all sortsa feels, love those simple hallway scenes and her dancing around, actually having fun.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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