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    stiflers mom

    So, who’s down to get together and do a brain storm to create an azealia banks board online? We have this one right now, but maybe we could do it better? without many extra’s, simple and clean. but with some good content and design wise.

    who’s down?

    stiflers mom

    I ran once one of the biggest Kesha boards, known by her and her mom as well.

    some prints:


    I totally agree. tho, i thought this cheapy font was intended to keep it habbo-like and 90s like azealia meant it to maybe, and thought that the grand-reopening was going to be a new site altogether and looking extra better. ^^ site looks mad legit so i’d be game

    stiflers mom

    the design is a bit old tho, it’s around 2010’s and such. But of course, we can all out get together, brain storm and create something really good for us kunts and Azealia. And maybe this is going to give us a bit of privacy at some point. Only the real kunts will stay effortlessly…

    But it depends Mama Ze opinion and approval as well.


    idk, i like this oldie style, but maybe cheapy could have eras
    i mean, this is fantasea, but what about slay-z? b&p? i guess the design can change from time to time lol

    stiflers mom

    the thing is not only design, but functionally, content, etc.

    Stephen Lind

    We just installed the forum today! As we go we’ll be expanding it’s functionality — I’m not sure what you mean by content but it sounds like you guys want to start a fan site!

    Also, we could use the same forum software as that Kesha site, it’s quite popular. Right now, it makes sense to keep the forum on CHEAPYXO in order to keep purchasing/music teasers and everything else in one place!

    But if you guys have suggestions for this forum I’m down to make it as great as we can

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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