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    Everything starts off super dark, there’s a sultry voice prelude of azealia saying something seductive in french or spanish (that relates to the song) & then the beat drops & the visuals begin. She is seen super sweaty & oily, surrounded by sexy guys & girls just staring down the camera in her long bubblegum pink hair. It’s a very britneys ‘slave for you’ meets dc’s ‘say my name’ kind of vibe. There’s different rooms that are different colors & all the looks coordinate with the wall colors. One room could have a runway, another a vogue dance battle arena, another a beauty parlor, & you get the gist. Everyone is just having a super sexy time & in the second hook ? when my dj plays house … etc ? we get a fierce ass dance break! Cameos would include naomi campbell & vogue goddess leoimy. ugh, a boy can dream right?!

    What do you guys envision when you hear the song?!

    Bryan Sanders

    Everytime I listen to a song, I always have my own music video for it.. no matter what it is:
    Playhouse always gave me a Jill Scott- “A Long Walk” video. Her guiding the camera around to different rooms… Everytime her & the camera enter a different room.. we get to see her in the scenery or whatever & then she guides the camera into another room (& on & on & on).


    YESSSSSS I like that idea!!! I imagined a couple of dance scenes too where there’s cute animations on the screen as she dances!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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