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    My order #12452 (on this account that I am posting from- with ‘Juliana’ as first name, and an email using a @live.com address) was placed on August 23, 2023 to be sent to New York. It is currently still ‘Processing’ according to my order information (shown when I login to this site).
    I am a past customer, and have never had such a long wait to deal with during other orders- so I am assuming this is a mistake/issue that should be mentioned and subsequently corrected. There were no issues with my payment methods, so I am simply ‘out’ the amount I paid for the order for now as I wait to receive my items. I use a back harness in my day-to-day life for my scoliosis and was excited for a cute posture product that looked nicer than the medical options given to those with chronic pain like myself, however, the wait without it has been a bit frustrating- as there are many online for cheaper that I could’ve chosen instead if I was not as interested in supporting Azealia and her business. I would really love to have my items as soon as possible, especially after waiting this long already (since August).
    I already attempted to contact Order Support over the CHEAPYXO email using this page https://www.cheapyxo.net/contact/ however I have yet to receive any response at all, despite my sending the message on October 3rd. I also left a comment on the store’s instagram page (on the latest post), however, this social media tactic did not work either. I am unsure how else to reach out, other than creating this thread in the discussion forums. If there are any alternative ways to try contacting CHEAPYXO staff that I have yet to list trying, please do let me know what I may be able to attempt next in order to get this under control.

    SIZE: S

    *I am more than willing to share any information needed in order to speed up the process of helping me with this, granted it is not a public request about anything overtly personal!*

    Mario Hernandez

    I also placed an order over months ago and have not heard from customer service on this website or on socials. [Order #12132] (June 23, 2023)
    I got an email saying order was sent in sept but the shipping track shows undelivered. How is anyone getting in touch with an actual customer service provider?


    Sorry to hear you are going through similar troubles to mine.

    I made a few more comments on social media since this original forum post I created, and that seems to be the quickest way to have the chance at reaching a customer service provider (or anything similar- though most replies are just from other customers having the same issues and not any staff). I say this because last week, I got a single DM from an Instagram account that seems to be AB herself/a social media manager running the profile for her (‘@azealiabanksforever‘, it is verified. I could be mistaken about who runs it- though!) asking about one of my comments regarding my slow order- but the reply I gave in order to explain the issues with my purchase (sent back on that same day I was reached out to) did not get any further response. The contact page on the website has gotten me nowhere either, as I certainly tried it more than once before making any public comments. There was even mention of a CHEAPYXO customer service phone number one day through their Instagram story, which I attempted to reach… only to be ignored.
    Long story short, any luck I had found in contacting any humans on the CHEAPYXO team throughout my many trials was rare and/or did not last long. I wish you luck with getting in touch with any of them, as well, and recommend just continuing to reach out through various avenues if I had to recommend any specific tactic(s) at all.

    As of yesterday (10/22) my order did seem to slightly randomly get updated twice, which I thought was a good sign, and my email now shows that order #12452 (the one mentioned above, which was ‘processing’ for quite a long time) is now marked as ‘complete’ and my order is said to have been ‘finished processing’. With that in mind, when I tried to tell another friend who is having shipping problems with her own order from the website as well at the moment, she shared that her order has been stuck in the phase that my order just entered for months (AKA sharing a “don’t get your hopes up” sentiment). I now see that this may not be solved for me despite the recent updates, as I now have tracking information that shows the USPS number being created in Miami…but the product is reported to still have yet to actually go out for shipping.
    Essentially, I think I may have possibly just entered the same boat it seems that you and my friend are already in, despite thinking my updates from ‘processing’ meant that I was finally getting somewhere.

    Sorry to spam so much information here, but after trying all of those different ideas, I’d like to hope it could perhaps save you (or other customers) some time/effort- and help to warn about avoiding certain things like the ‘customer service phone number’, which seemed unhelpful as a whole and like a bit of a waste of time to even attempt.
    Keep the thread updated on if you get your items/when! I am hoping for the best with your items, and wishing you luck hopefully getting to actually speak with someone about any of this! Wish me luck as well, lol!

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