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    Donny Dennis

    We Going On 3 Months With My OUADAH! Look I know you busy ripping and running the hip hop streets letting these bitches know and letting the girlies know that they gotta RECOGNIZE But imma keep it kosher with you on the Business Side Of Things As Far As CheapyXO Is Involved. You gotta get a team Mamas! And I’m talking about a real good team with people who really want what’s best for your company because if you really be in that workhouse alone and by yourself doing God knows however many orders you try to fulfill in a day then God bless you mama but I know at some point you gonna need a break!!! Why not hire a couple other people even if it’s only temporary so you can be up to speed on orders? I ordered $130 from you a few months back January 10th if I’m not mistaken and GIRL GURL! Lmao It’s About to Be April Going On May! Look Twin, I know you probably in a real creative space and you need time to recharge and get the juices flowing again I get It Mama! Us Gemini’s Need our time to clear our heads and think anew to different ways we can approach life in general And think our way through any and every situation but don’t let that make you lose sight on what’s important *Cough Cough* Like Your FANS HELLOOOOOO! Were Always gonna be here for you and we always gonna show love no matter what and keep it real So To Keep It A BEAN? 🫘 Get a bigger team love We On the Cusp Of Mercury Retrograde And It’s Out with the old approach to things and in with the new FOR THE BETTER With great responsibility come Great things and Even greater opportunity for growth Don’t worry you got this mama! I love you girl and I’m praying for you don’t ever forget that if you need to talk or speak I’m here in forums!


    Donny.Dennis (Order #13980) Azealia Fan Since 2018.

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