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saw her at Irving Plaza on May 11, 2015 just before my graduation and going back home to Nica lol. Still best hype night of my life. Though it can get crazy at one of these. A lot of people from all places in NY trying to get in the front can get physical lol (4 gender/race/look reasons) but its still the best, I even almost fought some guy I’d never consider speaking to for being so hot lol, i hated him for trying to take my place LMAO i wouldnt have it. but anywhooo. best night, it was amazing. Best experience ever was the Idle Delilah as an intro and the Fierce + Van vogue remix. too lit n legit, everyone was singing, dancers+crowd dancing etc.

I got to wait around the back entrance with the other kunts and she exited the back doors around 15th and 4th on Irving, came out, took a couple pics with fans that were up close and for awhile and got to see her. She wore a white shirt with the black queen emoji all over it i think, or maybe all queen colors? don’t remember too much. I got to the side of the car and when she went inside, she had her legs on the car but stood and waved and stopped to say hi to all of us, and sorta saw me and my friend Quanah? cuz we were to the side and not by the car’s main door? who knows. Best night. Best energy from all the kunts from all places lol. My clothes were sweaty on the way out :l