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Malia Nahas

Hi there all!
My name’s Kai – I’m 19, an avid Azealia fan &
I am the kuntiest fractal observer around. All i see are interweaving patterns of vibrations.
Symbiosis of mycorrhizae lead me to believe that the complexity of existence goes far beyond the outer reaches of our scientific understanding.

The world is language, is magic & it is our duty to create our best metaphors and pursue our most honest art.
Leasing other’s linguistic structures to live in will be disasterous, creating our own house of mirrors… individuality, is essential.

Azealia Banks is for the empowerment of the individual, & is one of the most authentic & talented people on the scene today. I am here to support her, share ideas with all of you, & fuck this world up!
Who’s ready for a gay old time, a regular old fashion ki kiing?!
The kuntyfractal