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This is honestly sketchy af. I got worked up over waiting to 10k that I took xanax to wake up with the iTunes single already out. I was so tuned in bc I had never seen people come together so quick to get those 10k in legit a few hours until June 1st. It was worth talking about, and they could’ve hyped this up (@xocheapy) for the news. But suspended? Under what grounds lol, when your account is supposed to be up and running already. I remember I tweeted about you one day on the old @azealiabanks saying “can may end so i can get ‘Escapades’? and same day, it gets suspended again? Really its fucked or it may be some publicity stunt by now, just hope you get what you deserve June 5th, and hopefully your old account back -altogether. I honestly miss ya lol, like an old unknown friend from afar, even sad to type lmao but some1 may get it.

CC get the yayo 06/05/17 rooting for you azealiamon.