The Naomi – The Breathable and adjustable Posture Correcting Harness by CHEAPYXO

Is chronic back pain fucking up your day before it even begins? Aching distractions making you feel apathetic, less productive, unattractive and holding you back from enjoying life? Having trouble ripping the runway, eating the runway, serving the runway, pumping the runway? Do you walk the runway, falling the runway? –

NEVER! The Black Cat! (Meow!)

Many medical experts agree that posture correctors offer immediate upper back, shoulder, and neck pain relief in the cervical-thoracic spinal column and help train the body to maintain optimal posture on its own.

The Naomi – constructed out of a breathable lightweight Neoprene material works best when combined with postural exercises like yoga, Pilates, ballet and can be a transformative addition to any singers arsenal of tools, helping to force subluxations into a natural and healthy place, allowing for effortless and more expansive use of the respiratory system. By optimizing oxygen intake you will be amazed at the plethora of new options you have as far as breath control, vocal tone and dynamics go.

When used correctly, this device assists weak muscles along the back and abdomen to begin working on their own to support your spine, gently and comfortably correcting your posture.

Start by wearing the device 20 minutes a day and increase usage to no more than two hours.

Machine Wash Cold
Do not add Bleach
Hang to air dry

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.