A collection of Magickal concoctions handmade by Azealia Banks herself, therapeutic tools, herbal cures and literature to promote positive genetic expression in humans originally native to Alkebulan (the ancient name of Africa). This box includes 100% organic nurturing muscle relief salves & cosmetic butters – made primarily of ingredients Native to the Motherland. Specially crafted herbal tea blends known to combat a number of ailments. Nutrient Dense healing seamoss from Kalunga, Bath Treats with 100% organic ingredients from the levant. Self acupressure tools – ergonomic smart phone holders & self acupressure tools to promote lymphatic drainage and increase blood circulation. Reflexology Chart and reflexology pen. Silver intention candle , Palo Santo and seashell burner. 1 Pair of Scrubbing gloves to remove dead skin and stimulate the lymphatic system. Eye of Horus necklace, ankh cuff bracelets and White “Ashé,”dad cap. Four point acupressure tool (The Merkabah) for back /neck pain relief. A copy of “Shifting Your Paradigm,” by U-Shaka Craig, PH.D

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.